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Crochet Cowl, Infinity Circle Scarf, Women Grey Winter Cowl Scarves by Vikni Designs


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Vikni Designs Music Festival White Flower Crop Top


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Vikni Designs Boho Brown Hippie Halter Top, Festival Crochet Tops


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Crochet Blush Pink Hippie Halter Top by Vikni Designs


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Crochet Headband, Winter Headband, Flower Black Headband by Vikni Designs


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Vikni Designs White Bikini


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Crochet Hippie, Halter, Crop, Festival, Fringe Top Bikini by Vikni Designs

Crochet Hippie, Halter, Crop, Festival, Fringe, Rainbow, Tank, Bralet Tops & Crochet Bikini's custom made to your measurements!

At Vikni Designs, your chosen piece will be "made-to-order" especially for you!

Our Etsy Connected Shop: http://www.viknicrochet.com

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